Jeff Rowland Model 8





This was one of the most difficult repair job we have ever encountered, and it took us embarrassingly long to complete the job.    We were lucky to have an understanding customer but nevertheless we felt extremely bad for the long delay.

Coffee had been spilled into the amplifier by the customer causing a "nuclear meltdown".  The amplifier had been completely shorted internally on 1 channel.  

Unfortunately, Jeff Rowland no longer stock the board which should have been replaced (albeit costly) entirely.    We had to rebuild the board from the ground up, replacing the temperature sensor, all the transistors, as well as an extensive debugging phase which took us exceedingly long to do, especially when the schematic was not provided to us.


It took more than 200 hours for us to repair this amplifier, but luckily the customer was not charged by the our but by a fixed rate.


At the end, we completed this near impossible task.



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