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We are no longer accepting new repair request, until further notice.


Excel Stereo Repair Service:


We have extensive repair experience with all types of audiophile equipment, from vintage treasures of the 50s to the latest solid-state and digital designs.  Whether it is a failed diode, a faulty switch, or a burnt-out transformer, we can repair your precious high-end gear to meet or exceed factory specification.


We have serviced equipment names such as Audio Research, Conrad Johnson, Krell, McIntosh, Mark Levinson, Canary Audio, VTL, Scott, Quad, Accuphase, Luxman, Jadis, Manley and many others.


We believe your equipment must pass the bench test, as well as the listening test. Properly repaired equipment must first measure up to or exceed factory specifications. It must also pass the listening test because there are nuances which you can hear but won't necessary show up on test equipment.  This requires years of hands on experience and technical expertise, and it is a service which very few people can offer.

Sometimes we discourage customers from certain types of repairs if the cost cannot be justified.   What may look like a simple job to you may take us 4 hours to do.  It may take us 6 hours to repair your $ 30 dollar cassette deck, or 20 hours to change the transistors on your 35 year old amplifier.    From our experience, we discourage customers from making repairs on the following:

  • Tuner alignment which are very time consuming to do

  • Ghetto blasters or mini hi-fi systems from the 80s

  • DJ style or low value turntables

  • Tape Cassette Decks  (We do not repair them)

  • "Lo Fi" equipment or items which are below $ 500 dollar in value

  • Some vintage receivers

We do not service TVs, VCRs, Tape Recorders, Cameras, Camcorders, Ghetto Blaster,  Mini Hi Fi or Vintage tuners.  High end audio equipment only.  Please make an appointment before bringing in your equipment.    Pickup or Deliveries will involve a charge.


For service calls, please provide the following details:


   1) Brand and model number

   2) Type of equipment

   3) Detail description of problem

   4) Your phone number or contact information



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 Contact us: info@excelstereo.com             416-523-6655 

Store visit by appointment only, do not show up without an appointment