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The Power Supply Unit
(High Mass Turntables)

The Power Supply Unit has an even, absolutely constant performance. To reduce generation of resonance, the transformator is completely, the board partly shed with plastic. The sieving by high-class Elkos has a total volume of 10000 F; the usage of several condensers exactly and quickly equalizes voltage swings. So the engine with its directly docked electronical control is supplied by an absolutely precise and failure-free voltage.


 Power Supply Unit (GML45)
The Power Supply Unit (Canofer and Canofer S)

The battery-supply provides our Canofer with an absolutely stable, noise-, buzz- and potential-free voltage. Due to their chemical composition, NiMH-cells, which we use for this supply unit, outclass Pb-gel-accumulators and NiCd-cells. The electric emission happens faster and with higher permanence. A long time durability of 800 - 1000 recharging-cycles is ensured by the most precise charging-circuit. Potential-free contacts of relay provide the battery-voltage to the phono-circuit of the Canofer. This battery-current then again is cached by two 1000F condensers. To avoid low charge, a high-resistance relay switches the load of the accumulator, when falling short of an attuned voltage.

 Battery Power Unit (Canofer)


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