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Shindo Monbrison Preamp with MM/MC Phono Stage                           


List USD $ 8000 / Sale USD $ 6100 Sale Pending


* Preamp with MM / MC Phono stage
* New style rocker switch ON/OFF button
* Customer Trade-in, 9/10 almost like new condition
* Comes with original "Grey" colored Shindo Power Cord
* Buyer pays shipping & handling, worldwide shipping

* We sell more Shindo trade-ins than anyone else in Toronto.




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Densen B130 Integrated (Beat 130)

* Conservatively rated at 8/10
* Original Box, Manual & Remote

Power output in 8 ohms: 2x80W
Power output in 4 ohms: 2x160W
Power supply size: 500VA
Storage capacity: 70.000uF
THD + Noise @ rated output: Less than 0.05%
Frequency response (+0 -3db): 2-500.000Hz
Weight/shippingweight: 13/14 Kg
Product dimensions (WxDxH): 440x310x64mm


Quick Silver Mid Mono Monoblock Amplifier

    List $ 1899 / Sale $ 1350

    50W per channel

    EL34 or KT88 or 6L6 power tubes

    1x 6922, 1x 12AX7

    Condition: 8/10, fully working condition



McIntosh MC225 Power Amplifier (Sale Pending)

    Sale $ 1900 CDN or $ 1850 USD

* Minimal pitting, and one of the nicest chrome
* New factory original replacement Multisection cap
* Factory original circuitry 
* Voltage adjusted to factory setting, fully bench tested to ensure safe operation
* 1 yr warranty
* NEW Power Tubes, NOS small signal tubes
* World wide shipping, Wire Transfer, Paypal + 3%
* 7/10 due to age only.

* Customer trade in




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(Sale Pending)

VAC Standard LE Preamp with MM / MC Phono Stage

     List C$ 5500 / Sale C$ 2999 obo

     Customer consignment                  

     Excellent condition, full working condition

     Separate power supply






Magnun Dynalab MD-209 Tube Integrated Amp with Tuner

    List C$ 6200 / Sale C$ 4500          

    Like new, with box, manual and remote

    Comes with Tuner, Built-in DAC, Preamp output.

    2x 125W Tube Hybrid Amp





Xindak MT-1 (In Store)                                                 

    List C$ 849 / Sale C$ 700 obo

    Demo Model

    1 yr warranty

    Near Mint




Audio Performer Line Stage Tube Preamp, 2 available

     List C$ 1200 / Sell C$ 250 (Regular Version)

     List C$ 1650 / Sell C$ 500 (Special Edition)

     Customer Consignment

     Local Mississauga manufacturer

     SE Version Upgraded with Toroidal Power Transformer

     DACT Balance Control, Vishay Dale Stepped Attenuator, and 

     updated circuitry

     6 month warranty on both units excl. tubes.







McIntosh MC275 V                      SOLD

    List $ 5000 / Sale $3300

    Customer consignment 

    Rated: 9/10 with original box & Manual

    New In Box, complete set of McIntosh Factory Tubes

    Worldwide shipping

    Local pickup welcomed.   

McIntosh MC240 Power Amplifier SOLD

   Sale $ 2500 o.b.o

   Bench tested to exceed factory specification

   Store inventory item

   Condition: 7/10 due to age, minimal cosmetic flaws only

   More pictures coming up shortly

   Posted 4/10/2010


McIntosh MC30 Monoblock Pair     SOLD                       

    List C$ 2500 or US$ 2400 or best offers

    Completely restored and bench tested to factory specification.

    Where necessary part of the highest quality such as Mundorf   

    Silver & Soil Caps are used.  New coupling caps.

    Bench tested to exceed factory specification, 2x 30W

    Customer Consignment





Shindo Monbrison Preamp with MM/MC Phono Stage


List $ 8100 / Sale USD $ 6100

    Customer Trade in, Worldwide shipping

    Like new condition

    Original box, and Shindo Power Cord

    Green LED ON/OFF button


    Unit comes with MM and MC Phono Stage



Shindo Aurieges Preamp with MM Phono  

    List $ 5500 / Sale $ 3300 CAD SOLD

   Customer Consignment                                     

   Manual, Production certificate, original box

   2 box version with MM Phono Stage



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Shindo Aurieges Preamp with MM Phono  (Unit No. 2)

    List $ 5500 / Sale $ 3400CAD SOLD

   Customer Consignment                                     

   Manual, Production certificate, original box

   2 box version with MM Phono Stage

   Near Mint


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Anthem Pre 2L SE Special Edition Preamp SOLD

     List C$ 2200 / Sale C$ 700 obo

     * Customer Consignment

     * Remote Control

     * Owner's Manual

     * 6 Month Warranty (Tubes excluded)

     * Dual main outputs, a full EPL/tape loop, SSP bypass loop,

        headphone amplifier, 3 user-selectable gain settings, 4 inputs,

        mono/stereo and mute/operate switches



McIntosh MA6300 Integrated V (In Store)           SOLD

   3 yr old, Customer Consignment

   Rated 9/10

   1 year Warranty


McIntosh MA6900 Integrated V (In Store)    SOLD

   3 yr old, Customer Consignment

   Rated 9/10

   1 year Warranty  



McIntosh MA7000          SOLD                                                             

     New Open Box, 3 year warranty

     Mint Condition


McIntosh MC275 V (In Store)           SOLD                      

    6 mth old Customer Consignment

    2x 75W, 4x KT88

    1 year Warranty

    Near Mint          


Marantz 7M Vintage Preamp       SOLD

     Customer Consignment

     Thoroughly bench tested by Excel Stereo

     to meet specification.    Rated 8/10

     Technically perfect.   3 month warranty




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