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Furutech Demag


* List $ 2400 / Sale $ 1400

* Fully functional

* 8/10

* Original Box, Manual, Cable




PS Audio xStream Audio Transcendent XLR Interconnect 1m


* List $ 500 / Sale  $ 300

* With original box

* Condition: 7/10 with cosmetic flaws only

XLR Reference 3 Digital Cable


* List $ 270 / Sale $ 190

* Demo stock

* Original Box

* 9/10 almost like new


Cardas Golden Cross XLR Balanced Interconnect

    List $ 680 / Sale $ 450 per pair

    Condition 8/10

    2 pairs available

Furutech ETP80 Power Conditioner 

     List C$ 680 / Sale C$ 450

     Customer Trade-in


The 8-outlet Furutech eTP-80 provides protection for your audio/video components from ultra-sonic contamination. It features a special material called GC-303. It is paved on the chassis for absorbing electromagnetic waves. *The internal wires are used FURUTECHÁ-14 wire(14 AWG). The two left duplexes marked "Digital/Accessories" incorporate a preceding filter and may draw up to 500 watts. The third and fourth duplex do not insert a filter and offer 800 and 1000 watts respectively, for a total supported RMS draw of 2300 watts with an automatic circuit breaker. The body is made from an aluminum alloy plate.


*Power cord not included. Read Review







Surge X 2120 20 Amp Power Conditioner             

     List C$ 900 / Sale C$ 450

     20 amp capacity, Advanced series mode            SOLD

     surge protection (no MOVs)

     EMI/RFI filtering. Customer consignment.





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