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Tube DAC Preamp: M24


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Tube DAC plus Tube Line Amp :   Brand new Model 24 for 2006    $ 1500.00


An upgrade version for our most popular Model 22/33, with

DAC and Line Amp in one single package (to drive power amps direct) 

*24/96 capable, superior performance for 44.1KHz CDís 

*Tube Analog stage in DAC section for the most liquid sounds 

*Plays all conventional CDís (at 44.1KHz) and all 24/96 CDís 

*Digital Display to indicate the Sampling Frequency  

*Military Grade 6DJ8 used in both the DAC and Line  Amp sections (4 pcs) 

*Audiophile Grade Volume Control on Solid Stainless Steel knob 

*10 Sections of fully regulated power supplies 

*Separate toroidal transformers for the Digital and Analog sections.  

*Separate Line Amp can be used with other external inputs (Tape or Tuner,          

  Etc.) Gain = 16 dB 

*DAC Direct Output for use with other Preamps or Control Centers. 

*Burr Brown select grade PCM63P-K used with DF1704 digital filter

  for the most accurate decoding. 

    117 or 230 Volt version available

    Designed and built by audiophiles, for audiophiles.



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