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The Ensemble Concept

Why does Ensemble sound so real, so close to 'live', so naturally musical – so different from most hifi? Why can Ensemble perform this magic practically independent of room size and conditions? Questions that have often been asked. The answer lies in six design fundamentals:
 Take the most demanding and complex music as a yardstick, verify in a 'live' context.
 Take living rooms (of all sizes) as a basis.
 Make all elements to have the same strong qualities and inherent balance.
 Eliminate interference on all levels.
 Pay attention to even the smallest details.
 Have parts specifically made where quality is extremely critical.
The synergy of these fundamentals leads to products with a unique quality, creating a deep attachment of ownership, as is regularly reported by customers.
Add to this a sixth design principle: 
 Make form, function and build quality constitute a perfect whole (a real ’ensemble’) and you get products of timeless elegance, user friendliness, and long, reliable service.
Handmade in Switzerland, including soldering each of the hundreds of components by hand, in overseeable production batches, each product has the touch of an individually built unit, yet with it comes the guarantee of absolute consistency. Each unit is burnt in for three days and passes a final listening test before shipping.
The ultimate driving force behind all things Ensemble is a deep attachment to music, a passion for everything genuine, and a constructive critical attitude. 
In more than 20 years of consistent, continuous work towards the goal of having the equipment completely disappear in the listener’s awareness, Ensemble has never been as close as with the latest generation of its products, comprising the SONDORO™ series of electronics [son d’or = golden sound], the NATURA™ speakers, the SILINX™ cable, the ALLINO™ RCA plugs, and various MAKES SENSE™ accessories.
Continued work on many levels such as interactive interference, shielding, isolation, decoupling, resonance control, power correction, impulse handling, memory effects, conductivity and more has resulted in advances that are all reflected in the latest generation, often finding expression in specifically made parts, such as the GOLDEN GATE™ and HI·RISE™ capacitors.
Having set up – ’plug and play’ – an Ensemble system, it only takes a few bars of music and by magic transposition you find yourself in a space energized with music, the musicians in live size, moving in front of you in a space as wide and deep as it was recorded. Your living room bristles with the atmosphere of ’live’ music making. And the illusion is perfect, as you can walk around in the room, and the magic does not break in. No hot or red spot typical of hifi. A new experience, a new dimension of listening, creating a deep down feeling of effortless wellness.


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