Excel Stereo CD / Universal Player Upgrade

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Founder and sole owner of Excel Stereo, Lawrence Lin, has over 20 years of hands on experience with digital circuits at two well know North American high tech companies.    Digital circuits are his "home turf".   With his extensive experience with both analog and digital circuits, Lawrence is able to extend this knowledge onto upgrading Audio and Universal players economically, yet will rival the very best of players on the market.

Our Premium Upgrade package includes the following:

* The upgrade beings with an extensive redesign and re-routing of the stock switching power supply, replaced with our proprietary linear Toroidal or R-Core power supply, with the addition of multiple layers of regulators using the highest quality components available such as Mundorf Capacitors.

* A complete redesign, replacement of the onboard digital clock with a high precision low jitter clock.

* Extensive upgrade to the DSP section, resulting in a significant reduction of jitter and distortion.

* Addition of Balanced output

* Extensive "beefing up" of the stock chassis with modification to the PBC, and chassis.   The resulting weight of the unit is nearly 50% heavier than the stock unit.

* Extensive EMI/RMF reduction and isolation of device components

* Replacement of essential components with the highest quality available (Capacitors, Diodes, Rectifiers, etc).

* Optional:  Addition of a tube output stage

* Optional:  Addition of a high quality attenuator

* Installation of IEC connector and replacement of stock connectors with high quality connectors.


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